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Garmin HRM Dual Heart Rate Monitor

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A Garmin HRM dual heart rate monitor measures your heart rate during training, so you can understand your body better, train more effectively and achieve greater results. Equipped with both ANT+ and Bluetooth technology, this heart rate monitor communicates with most bike computers and fitness watches, allowing you to keep a closer eye on your heart rate throughout your workout. The strap itself is incredibly comfortable, durable and adjustable so you can always find the perfect fit. All this technology is packed into a neat 59-gram package, helping to ensure your set up stays as light as possible. With an easily replaceable coin cell battery which lasts up to 3.5 years, you can always rely on your Garmin HRM dual heart rate monitor. Module: 62 mm x 34 mm x 11 mm Strap Length: 63.5 cm to 132 cm Weight: 54.4 g Water Resistance: 1 ATM* Battery: User-replaceable size CR2032 (3 volts) Battery Life: Approximately 3.5 years (based on average use of 1 hour per day) Operating Temperature: -5°C – 50°C Radio Frequency/Protocol: 2.4 GHz ANT wireless communications protocol; BLUETOOTH® Wireless Technology 5.0 Range: 3 m System Compatibility: ANT+, Bluetooth


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Garmin HRM Dual Heart Rate Monitor